Make an Impact to Advance

Recently I’ve been tasked with things that at the onset do not seem like it will be something you will end up thriving on. For the past few days, I have been shooting and exploring the limitations of my marketing skills as both a photographer and videographer.

I wanted to preserve my efforts. I wanted to share my photos.

Perfecting the target goal of moving the product for either myself or a client, has come with time that has graffitied many boards I’ve incubated for over three years.

Defending the passion with a hero’s tenacity…armed with little more than the determination to developed myself to scale of the need. I once relegated it to the history books until at my core drive to thrive persona grand-dadda became the most wonderful time I could ever spend doing anything, anywhere.

Bursting Forth you’ll see an example of a simple background of Winter Snow Flakes. This was accomplished with three rolls of wrapping paper.

Happy Holidays 2017
Brad, Victoria ans Mia


And this video was made on the fly with a complex back and forth of apps I have on my iPhone 7’s. I’m talking about InShot and iMovie. I will use one more layer of editing in Wondershare Filmora

Here it is as seen from Vimeo

Grilled Chicken Breast till blacked with your favorite seasoning. I used a leftover three bean salad after the chicken was ready. Corn base with Red Beans and Garbanzo beans. Just warmed and ready to eat from a fun lunch on the fly. Stay tuned for more from

Created with advancing all that has made an impact on me this year in 2017.

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