BEST Photography in South Florida

Professional photos capture the memories of your family and friends.




And Weddings like this one…From my Facebook post. “Just a small glimpse of last night. Of course, I had to make a video of it! Mazel Tov!” ibid.

  • “Mazeltov, Lorraine, and Larry! – and of course to the very happy Bride and Groom!
Victoria & Brad tieing the knot.

You can choose your high-resolution digital images. For marketing, consideration write me at
I’m offering free photo/video shoot’s to build my portfolio.

To be on my website

Available in Broward County

Look for this ad content on @BradVizcaya

She Won the Free Shoot
Steal the show with new pictures when that birthday’s come on throughout the years.

Call 954-817-3900 or leave me an e-mail –

$49.95 special. One hour of photography, 10 digital photos.

On The Fly Inc.

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