Welding and Fabrication

Custom Saw Horses for the Tall

Wow, what a week I just had…

I’ve been working as a laborer at KCM… and I’m driving the hell out of their forklifts tossing out all sorts of old metal they’ve been holding on to for years.

But, what I like most is the possibility that I might be able to start welding if I get good enough. I’m going to work each day about an hour before necessary in order to practice my hand at stick welding.

Having years of experience in welding while incarcerated in Oklahoma’s’ Dick Conor Correctional Center (DCCC) in Hominy, I’ve become familiar with working on/with heavy metal.

Fabrication is fun and I take pride in making things even if not for me or my use. But for practice, I made a new set of “saw-horses” just tall enough for me.

Made from the material being thrown away, using SMAW-MIG these stands replaced some old beat up stands I tossed out. There rugged and made hip high if you’re 6″3′ in.

I feel good about them even though @ontheflyinc used the MIG on-the-fly.

ontheflyincJust got a new shield… Let me fabricate boss! This will be the top piece to my stands.

The top is 1/4 in. angle iron, legs are from 3/16 – 2 1/2 channel (all considered trash). Having added value to the yard, it’s my favorite thing to do by contributing the work capabilities. These saw horses will be used for staging raw materials that come in before I sort and organize it on a bigger rack.

My First project here while working as a laborer. That’s how I add value.

Also, I’ve been practicing butt-welding in my spare time.

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Look at what’s was built today

On the Fly @ontheflybrad

Today’s welding was for a base that’s going in the ground to keep a shelving system level in the ground.

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